What Natural Remedies for Bipolar to Use

natural remedies for bipolar

natural remedies for bipolar

In our everyday lives, we encounter a lot of things without knowing that natural remedies for bipolar are important solutions to the negative vibes we have. From the time we get up from our bed until we lie down and sleep, numerous things happen in between. There are different emotions that come in and out in us in our day to day routines – all the positive and negative vibes may come into us. It is not inevitable feel depressed most especially if we’ve expected too much from a person or a thing but on later part, we found out that we failed. Too much depression is not good because it may result to illness like bipolar disorder and which you are suggested to use natural remedies for bipolar to feel better again. Before moving forward to that broad topic, this article will discuss bipolar disorder, who suffers from bipolar disorder, symptoms of bipolar disorder, diagnosing bipolar.


Use of Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder is Advisable

People who are suffering from bipolar disorder are advised to be treated with the natural remedies for bipolar.


What is a bipolar disorder?

A bipolar disorder is a situation where in an individual undergoes an extreme experience and extreme mood swings. The individual tend to lose his inner balance and he finds himself at the far ends of the emotional range. In addition, he may also find himself substituting between phases of mania when possible as well as phases of deep misery depression that causes to leave him in bed for more than a week and cannot able to do his day to day normal activities.

Who are the sufferers?

The sufferers of bipolar disorder should be treated by the natural remedies for bipolar. Men and women aging 18-22 are the ones who are possible to experience bipolar disorder. Although uncommon, this particular disorder may also take place in early childhood as well as on the late onset in the middle aged men and women. It is best to treat its sufferers with the natural remedies.

bipolar herbal remedies

bipolar herbal remedies

Furthermore, a person can be identified having a bipolar disorder when these symptoms can be seen in him: experience hypomania; have full blown manic occurrences; may have eminent state of happiness and untamed plans. When making a prior arrangement to a health care professional, it is recommended to set for a close friend or a family member to go together with the patient. The chaperon is a great help in providing the patient a clearer picture of the symptoms and how they will affect the daily life of the patient. Having a medical checkup is important to make sure that the symptoms experienced are not caused by the thyroid problems or effects from particular drugs in the body system of the patient. It should not be forgotten to ask the doctor all the possible treatment choices, the long-term effectiveness as well as any probable side effects. Asking about the natural remedies for bipolar is also advisable. So that proper dosage can be applied.


People who are suffering from bipolar disorder are advised to be treated with the natural remedies for bipolar. Below are the natural treatment for bipolar symptoms:


  • St. John’s Wort

This is a flowering herb which has been utilized traditionally by the herbalists to cure diversity of conditions which includes depression, anxiety, dysentery, flu, colds, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome, pain and inflammation. This herb is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and sedative in nature. Nowadays, this herb has been endorsed as natural antidepressant. However, there are certain things needed to remember when using this herb as one of the natural remedies for bipolar. This is not ought to be used when there is a severe depression and should not be used as a substitute for a prescription medication.

  • 5-HTP

5 hydroxytryptophan is a compound that is found in African herb griffonia. This is an ancestor to serotonin. It is assumed that the lack of serotonin can add to depressive disorders like bipolar. The side effects from the use of this herb are still unknown.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is one of the natural bipolar treatment. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in flaxseed oil as well as in fish oil. There had been studies that said deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids can be linked to fatigue, poor circulation and heart problems, poor memory as well as mood swings or depression.

Finally, those are the things you need to know all about bipolar disorder, the possible sufferers, the symptoms and the natural remedies for bipolar.