Natural Mood Stabilizers – Herbs for Bipolar Disorders

Natural mood stabilizers are also called as Chinese herbs which can able to cure mood disorders. Let us chunk the details into smaller pieces so readers can understand everything about the topic of this article. In this article it will talk about mood disorders; what a mood stabilizer is and the common natural mood stabilizers that could treat manic and depressive episodes.

natural mood stabilizers

natural mood stabilizers

The Common Natural Mood Stabilizers that Could Treat Manic and Depressive Episodes

Treating manic as well as depressive episodes using herbal treatments with mood stabilizers can be a great choice. For you to understand well about these episodes, make yourself familiar with these important points that are discussed below.

Mood Disorder

When we talk about mood disorders, it refers to group of unidentified psychiatric disorders distinguished by powerful as well as lengthened mood shifts and most of the time goes together with mental and behavioral changes; thus, they can be treated through the natural mood stabilizers which will be tackled later. Most of the sufferers are prone to repeated mood disorders and get back to usual every now and then, commonly devoid of mental blemishes and personality changes after treated. Mood disorders can be treated by means of the natural mood stabilizers.

Mood Stabilizer

Mood stabilizer is more or less equivalent to anticonvulsants due to the reason that most of the mood stabilizing drugs is wholly antimanic agents which are intended to treat mania. From this point of view, it is also dissimilar from the antidepressants which are known to be as mood enhancers, boosters, or elevators in curing depression. Another thing, it is also different from antipsychotics, instead it aims to achieve the following:

  • Treat successfully or prevent from manic symptoms
  • Won’t worsen depressive indications, sometimes getting better or avoiding depressive indicators
  • Stabilize mood swings
  • No tricky and complex state result after treatment
  • Won’t increase risk from suicide

The Natural Mood Stabilizers

  • herbs mood stabilizers

    herbs mood stabilizers

    Ban Xia or Pinellia Rhizome; Tian Nan Xing or Arisaema; Hou Po or Magnolia Bark; An Xi Xiang or Benzoin; Chen Xiang or Aloeswood; Zao Jia or Gleditsiae Fructus; Bai Fu Zi or Typhonium Rhizome; She Xiang or Navel Gland Secretions of Musk Deer; Xiang Fu or Nut Grass Rhizome; Mu Xiang or Costus Root; Yuan Zhi or Senega Root

  • Niu Huang or Cattle Gallstone; Sheng Tie Luo or Iron Filings; Tian Zhu Huang or Siliceous Secretions of Bamboo; Zhen Zhu or Pearl; Zhe Bei Mu or Fritillaria Bulb; Zhu Ru or Bamboo Shavings; Huang Lian or Coptis Rhizome; Bing Pian or Borneol; Meng Shi or Lapis Stone; Yu Jin or Tumeric Tuber; Fu Shen or Puria Root

Now you are already familiar with mood disorders, what a mood stabilizer is all about as well as the common herbal treatments with natural mood stabilizers for depression (Chinese herbs). Although artificial mood stabilizers are available in the market place, it is still ideal to make use of the natural mood stabilizers in treating mood disorders.